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Building Using Formwork and Formwork Support

What is Formwork & Falsework?

Formwork is a construction term for supports that are used for concrete to be poured into to create structures, they are basically a mould for concrete and allows various designs to be implemented through the use of concrete as opposed to more conventional building materials such as bricks, stone or lumber. This form of building is also known of falsework, or falsework support where the formwork is only a temporary solution upon the build and once the concrete is set and hardened the falsework (temporary formwork) is then removed from the structure leaving just the formed concrete in place.

The advantages of Formwork & Falsework

One the of the major advantages of using formwork and falsework is the speed of construction, allowing constructors to build walls at a fast pace, once the formwork or falsework is in place it is a simple operation of filling with liquid cement and then allowing the cement to set to form the structure. Another advantage is that it allows for all kinds of diverse designs as well as architecture that would be extremely difficult using conventional materials such as a floating roof, intricate designs and imprints whilst still offering a strong and solid structure. Concrete is very hardwearing, an affordable building material and provides extreme strength to buildings and constructions, coupling this with the flexibility of its use with formwork and falsework it is an ideal choice when it comes to building.

Further Advantages of Formwork & Falsework

Another advantage when using formwork is that pipes and conduits for cabling can be inserted before the concrete is poured in, including heating, electricity, water and gas pipes saving time and money on installation. Overall using formwork and falsework is a modern and effective way of building whilst being cost-effective without compromise to the structural integrity.

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