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Read our blogs to find out more about the benefits of falsework and how it is taking construction from strength to strength.

Falsework Hire for your Project

Are you about to start a building project and are looking for a reliable falsework hire company?

Look no further as Thorn Plant Hire may be the ideal choice for you.

What is falsework?

This is a temporary structure used in construction in order to support the structure until it is strong enough and set to support itself. It is important to give materials the correct support whilst building to ensure that the whole structure is safe when completed. Another popular use...
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Looking for TITAN SUPPORT Falsework and Formwork

Here at Thorn Plant Hire we stock a large range of falsework and formwork products including one of the leading systems on the UK market, TITAN SUPPORT.


-  Components are made from high grade aluminium, are light weight and possess exceptional strength to weight ratio. - Main components are legs/frames/150mm & 225mm aluminium beam, thus making the system quick to erect, reducing labour costs, while encouraging efficiency on site. - The aluminium system is extremely robust, with high corrosion resistance. - Titan Support is a popular...
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Falsework & Formwork: Hire?

Why would a company hire falsework or formwork instead of buying it?

There are a number of reasons why hiring falsework or formwork will benefit a company. Hiring Formwork and Falsework Has a Cost and Cashflow Benefit: - When you purchase falsework or formwork, your capital outlay is a lot higher than the smaller, more manageable cost of hiring falsework or formwork. - Hiring Formwork or falsework means you only pay when you need it. Hire the right product at the right time: - Every project you work on will be...
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The Benefits of Formwork Explained

What is Formwork?

Formwork is the use of a temporary structure that is used in construction. The formwork can be completely temporary and removed after the main structure is in place or it can remain permanently or part permanently. The use of formwork allows builders to pour in concrete to form the structure and once set can provide its own load-bearing and strength to the building. The formwork can be either completely removed once the concrete is set or remain as an outer and inner skin depending...
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Grand Designs Made Easier with Formwork

Formwork and Falsework making design and Construction fit.

More and more people are building their dream homes, maybe this is with the advancement of technology along the lines of the internet giving people instant access to construction techniques, architecture and a plethora of other information on how to build their own home. In fact, several TV programmes have sprung up across the channels including such family favourites as Grand Designs and other spin offs. Having said that, construction itself has moved forward over the decades from stone-built homes...
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