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Aluminium Formwork Beams for Construction

Formwork beams for Construction Industry

If you are working in the construction industry, then you will already know how important it is to work with a leading formwork beams provider. Aluminium formwork is an innovation to the construction industry, replacing concrete or timber in many circumstances. Aluminium Formwork beams are widely used in the industry because of their quick execution, cost effectiveness and great results. In addition they are much easier to handle than their counterparts; because of their lightweight...
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Looking for TITAN SUPPORT Falsework and Formwork

Here at Thorn Plant Hire we stock a large range of falsework and formwork products including one of the leading systems on the UK market, TITAN SUPPORT.


-  Components are made from high grade aluminium, are light weight and possess exceptional strength to weight ratio. - Main components are legs/frames/150mm & 225mm aluminium beam, thus making the system quick to erect, reducing labour costs, while encouraging efficiency on site. - The aluminium system is extremely robust, with high corrosion resistance. - Titan Support is a popular...
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Falsework & Formwork: Hire?

Why would a company hire falsework or formwork instead of buying it?

There are a number of reasons why hiring falsework or formwork will benefit a company. Hiring Formwork and Falsework Has a Cost and Cashflow Benefit: - When you purchase falsework or formwork, your capital outlay is a lot higher than the smaller, more manageable cost of hiring falsework or formwork. - Hiring Formwork or falsework means you only pay when you need it. Hire the right product at the right time: - Every project you work on will be...
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All you need to know about Formwork

Formwork - “The term given to either temporary or permanent molds into which concrete or similar materials are poured”

The History

One of the earliest examples and use of concrete slabs is structures are those that were built during the Roman times. A structure from this period, the ‘Pantheon’ dome in Rome is a good example of the formwork and falsework method used in this period. Although we use concrete on most buildings in today’s society, it wasn’t until the invention of Portland cement and reinforced concrete...
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What is Formwork and how does it help you?

Formwork is a temporary structure that is used in construction to help builders pour concrete into a specific structure of a building. What they do is add some stability to the structure, help mould it to the exact style the builder wants, and give it some much needed stability. Formwork support is a relatively new development in the construction industry. It started being used in the 1990’s and since then it has continued to evolve and become highly useful for builders when concreting. Essentially, now...
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