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The Benefits of Formwork Explained

What is Formwork?

Formwork is the use of a temporary structure that is used in construction. The formwork can be completely temporary and removed after the main structure is in place or it can remain permanently or part permanently. The use of formwork allows builders to pour in concrete to form the structure and once set can provide its own load-bearing and strength to the building. The formwork can be either completely removed once the concrete is set or remain as an outer and inner skin depending...
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Grand Designs Made Easier with Formwork

Formwork and Falsework making design and Construction fit.

More and more people are building their dream homes, maybe this is with the advancement of technology along the lines of the internet giving people instant access to construction techniques, architecture and a plethora of other information on how to build their own home. In fact, several TV programmes have sprung up across the channels including such family favourites as Grand Designs and other spin offs. Having said that, construction itself has moved forward over the decades from stone-built homes...
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Building Using Formwork and Formwork Support

What is Formwork & Falsework?

Formwork is a construction term for supports that are used for concrete to be poured into to create structures, they are basically a mould for concrete and allows various designs to be implemented through the use of concrete as opposed to more conventional building materials such as bricks, stone or lumber. This form of building is also known of falsework, or falsework support where the formwork is only a temporary solution upon the build and once the concrete is set and...
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Falsework and Formwork – Taking Construction from Strength to Strength

Falsework and Formwork

When it comes to construction and building, from the smallest of structures to the largest and tallest, it is of vital importance that strength of the build is at its optimum and this is where the use of aluminium twin web beams come into effect, using aluminium beams will reduce the structural weight whilst maintaining the strength and load bearing in the use of the twin web beams, these are also ideal for the construction of all types of falsework and formwork support.


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Formwork and Falsework – Experience makes the difference

Formwork and Falsework

When it comes to formwork and falsework (the temporary structures used for moulding concrete and supporting building work on construction sites), Thorn Plant Hire Ltd have years of experience. Thorn Plant Hire Ltd was founded in 1989 and has grown in the last 26 years to be the successful company it is today, supplying formwork and falsework to construction, building and utility companies in London and the Home Counties. We are proud of our long-term relationships which have been built on trust, value and...
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