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Falsework and Formwork – Taking Construction from Strength to Strength

Falsework and Formwork

When it comes to construction and building, from the smallest of structures to the largest and tallest, it is of vital importance that strength of the build is at its optimum and this is where the use of aluminium twin web beams come into effect, using aluminium beams will reduce the structural weight whilst maintaining the strength and load bearing in the use of the twin web beams, these are also ideal for the construction of all types of falsework and formwork support.

The Versatility of Formwork Support using Aluminium Beams

Because of the structure of the aluminium web beams you are gaining the strength of beams that have been manufactured with more conventional materials, but as the aluminium is a lot lighter you are gaining an advantage of less load within the structure, but still retaining load bearing efficiency. This allows architects and planners to be more versatile in design and implementation of formwork and falsework when using aluminium beams.

Advantages of Aluminium Beams

One of the key advantages of using aluminium beams in your construction, whether it be building, formwork or falsework is that it is corrosive resistant, so it will not rust and as mentioned above because of its low density it is lightweight, and malleable and therefore easy to work with whether joining, drilling or machining, making it the perfect choice. In fact, aluminium beams are the second most popular choice in construction next to iron beams yet are the number one choice if you need lightweight and flexibility in the build.

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