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The Benefits of Formwork Explained

What is Formwork?

Formwork is the use of a temporary structure that is used in construction. The formwork can be completely temporary and removed after the main structure is in place or it can remain permanently or part permanently.

The use of formwork allows builders to pour in concrete to form the structure and once set can provide its own load-bearing and strength to the building. The formwork can be either completely removed once the concrete is set or remain as an outer and inner skin depending on the design of the build.

The Benefits of Formwork

Formwork allows structures to be built quickly as once erected, the concrete is poured into the ‘mould’ created by the formwork meaning that whole sides of buildings can be constructed in very little time. This can also be applied to not just horizontal but also vertical installations such as a floating roof for instance.

Structures that wouldn’t normally be possible through conventional building methods can easily be erected using formwork. Other benefits include the ability to produce patterns in the concrete. For example, using reclaimed wood as the formwork creates a woodgrain effect finish to the structure, of course any pattern is possible using this method as well as adding key features to the wall or roof.

You can even include all the conduits required for utilities such as gas, water, heating and electrics making this a very fast and effective process.

Using formwork has been around for several years and is certainly a most popular form of construction both on a cost front and a design front.

If you need a company to work with you for your formwork requirements, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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