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Why use Twin Web Beams?

Twin web beams are often used within the construction industry because of their durability, and being made of Aluminium gives them distinct advantages over timber or steel beam alternatives.

Aluminium Beams versus Steel or Timber Beams

These durable aluminium extrusions do not warp or split like timber beams can, nor do they corrode like their steel counterparts could.

This means therefore that aluminium beams are more versatile and can be used in many applications that require support, such as bearers for soffit support, walling beams for wall forms.

Thorn Plant Hire’s aluminium twin web beams are adaptable too! Used with twin web beam accessories, you can create many complex shapes and shutters. They can be slotted together, and holes in the beams mean you can connect them together, a little like Meccano, using threaded insert components.

In addition to all of these benefits, Aluminium beams are far more lightweight than their steel or timber alternatives, making them far less costly and far easier to transport. Once on a construction or industrial site, aluminium twin web beams are more easily managed by construction teams and team workers.

How do you contact us?

If you are looking for an Aluminium twin web beam for your construction or industrial project, then please be sure to contact Thorn Plant Hire on 01442 877047, or you can email us through

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